Obnoxious So-Not-Cute Nocturnal Kitties

There have been a splattering of kitty pictures on Instagram and Facebook over the last few months, but it has been ages since I last blogged about my rambunctious but ever so sweet kitties, Chick and Pea.

Chick and Pea, then and now.

There haven’t been any more incidents of parasites, they’re now in their awkward teen phase where they’ve got fat in all the wrong places, they’ve got their own spunky personalities, and they don’t follow the same sleep schedule as me. This last point makes me angry. If you recall from my previous kitty blog post (10 things I didn’t know about kitties two weeks ago…), one of the things I learned about cats is that “A kitties meow is the cutest thing ever. Except at 2 AM.” Still true.
After countless restless nights of dealing with nocturnal kitties, I noticed a pattern in my kitty kick out process. Something like this…

  1. Snuggle with kitties.

    Nothing in life is better than some quality kitty snuggles.
  2. Kick out #1: Kitty *almost always Pea* starts pouncing, biting and clawing at my body. Meanwhile, Chick is in a deep slumber. I take Pea in one hand, Chick’s limp body in the other, and set them outside my room and shut the door.

    One time Pea gave me a heart attack and got stuck under door #1.
  3. Kick out #2: Kitty *almost always Pea* emits very loud sad meows, and claws at the door outside my room. Meanwhile, Chick is passed out on the bed in the kitty sanctuary. I pick up Pea and set her behind the second door. I’m now protected by two doors. Like any good scientist I decided to keep track of the data in a notebook by my bedside, and jot down when kick out #1 and #2 occurred. I also recorded the approximate amount of time I had spent at home with the kitties prior to bedtime. And I took it a step further. I was interested in seeing if there were any correlations between amount of time spent at home in the evenings and when kitties were kicked out. Yup, I know I’m a nerd. Here are some of the entertaining plots:
    No correlation…
    Yes, still no correlation…

    Somewhat predictable?

Moral of the story. Kitties are unpredictable wild animals, but I still love them. And I need a new kitty sleep strategy.


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