10 things I didn’t know about kitties two weeks ago…

I surprised a lot of friends and family when I decided to venture into the world of felines. I’ve never grown up with cats, but over the last few months I began to realize just how awesome they can be. I wanted in.

One rainy Friday, I decided to go kitty shopping with a friend. Kitty= one. Not kitties= 1+. I ended up with two kitties, and I can’t imagine life without my Chick & Pea. They make me feel so loved. It’s been just over a week since I rescued them from Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo, MN. When I brought them home, I literally knew next to nothing about raising this species. I’m learning more and more about cats everyday, but here are 10 kitty factoids that stand out.

1.) Two is better than one, especially if they come from the same litter! I’m so happy that Chick has her Pea and Pea has her Chick. They love to cuddle, play and look cute together. And of course, together they are my chickpea.

Chick and Pea love each other.

2.) Parasites like kitties, but kitties don’t like parasites. Apparently, parasites like to invade the intestinal tract of cats. My cats were no exception. After lots of vomiting and diarrhea, I took to them to the vet and they were positive for roundworms and coccidia. Although it wasn’t my fault that they had parasites and were suffering, I couldn’t help but feel like a bad kitty mommy.

On the way to the vet: “I demand you say where you’re taking us!!”

3.) Cats promote laziness. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had lazy days like I’ve had over this past week. I was a little hyperactive in my previous life, so this is probably good for me. I’ll be taking it down a few notches. My garden is certainly suffering the consequences. And if you’re looking to be productive don’t even think about sitting/laying down for even a second. As soon as you sit down, the kitties will come running because I swear there is some sort of magnetic attraction. And your day will be shot, poof. But kitten cuddles are the best.

I swear, I had intended to be productive just moments earlier…

4.) A kitten’s meow is the cutest thing ever. Except at 2 AM

5.) Not all cats are antisocial and lack personalities. In fact, my kitties love to be at the center of attention. At least Chick does. And they’re some crazy characters. Chick is momma’s girl. She almost always is the cat who’s in my lap, the cat that’s rubbing all over me claiming me as her own, or the cat who is demanding that I pet her. Pea, on the other hand likes to stare from afar and is a bit more independent. Even as she gazes at me, it never seems like she’s comprehending. She still likes a little love, but will come to me on her own terms.

The elusive Pea. Interested, but watching me from a distance.
Chick: Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, MEEEE!

6.) Cats can entertain themselves for hours. Chick and Pea love each other. They love to wrestle, chase and pounce on each other. I’ll often hear them running around like mad kitties in the very early morning as I’m trying to catch my last zzzzz’s. They enjoy the new toys I bought them, but honestly, they can even be entertained for a substantial chunk of time by a wad of paper.

A good, spontaneous purchase.
The best toy purchase. Hours of entertainment.

7.) Cats are resilient. At the shelter, one of the kittens fell down from a ways up. She quickly shook it off and  pretended like nothing ever happened. A similar event took place earlier this week with Chick and Pea. Perhaps even more frightening for someone not so familiar with cats. Chick and Pea were playing at the top of the stairs and preparing to pounce on each  other. It all happened in slow motion. Chick crouched and pounced on Pea who was peering over the top step. Pea was knocked off her feet and rolled (rolled!) down the stairs. While I was terrified that she was injured, she was not. If I fell down the stairs like she did, I’m pretty sure that I would break every bone in my body.

8.) Cats like to love all over you . Whether it’s rubbing, licking or kneading, cat’s like to rub their scent all over every inch of your body. And purr while doing it. Whatever floats their boat…

Chick, the flirt.
9.) Cats don’t understand personal space. While some dogs don’t understand the definition of personal space, cats take it to a new level. They like to lay all over your chest or just inches from your neck, or even lay on you when it’s >80F inside the house. Yeah, cats don’t get it.
Just a little closer, and they could smother me to death. But they love me too much.

10.) Don’t even try and contain a cat. They are professional escape artists. Let them do as they wish. Cat power> human power. Cats rule the world.

Chick has some personality. “You can’t contain me, human!”
“That’s better. I will come and go as I please.”

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